'The Planet Mark has always been a collective team effort'

CLARITY - The Soap Co. is a registered charity and one of the UK's foremost social enterprises, employing, training and supporting people with disabilities to create high-quality toiletries, soap and cleaning products. It recently became a holder of The Planet Mark™. Here it discusses the benefits of of being awarded The Planet Mark™ with Steve Malkin, CEO of the sustainability certification, and its head of marketing and communications, Louise Bateman.


The Planet Mark™ is a scheme that certifies organisations that are committed to continuous sustainability and to reducing emissions every year. Launched in 2013 in partnership with the Eden Project, it has certified over 100 organisations and helped businesses reduce their CO2 emissions by 14.5% per employee on average over that time.

The team at Clarity - The Soap Co. is delighted to have just become holders of The Planet Mark™. To mark the occasion, we sat down with Steve and Louise to discuss all things green and why working together has never been so important.

Team work makes the dream work!

Whilst the USA has unfortunately moved away from tackling climate change and the Paris Accord, other parts of the world are taking steps to promote green energy, sustainability and the protection of eco-systems.

As Steve explains, the challenge with carbon is that you can’t see it or touch it. Most people understand and believe in global warming and climate change, yet they don’t believe they can really do anything about it. They are often posed the question: ‘Will my efforts make a difference?’

The Planet Mark™ finds it’s easier to open discussions by showing the financial benefit of sustainability – its own analysis shows that holders of The Planet Mark™ are saving an average of 5% per annum in carbon emissions per employee and, in turn this can translate into a saving of £90 per employee per year on electricity bills alone for most of the businesses it certifies.

The Planet Mark™ has worked with over 100 companies to overcome legitimate concerns from CEOs who want to know that doing their bit to tackle big issues like climate change will make sense for their business. 

“Business owners want to step-up but you have to hit their concerns head-on, from initial costs, time it will take and their return on investment,” says Steve. “Organisations like Acorn Engineering, which started the process simply to better answer tenders is now reaching its fourth year as a certified holder of The Planet Mark™ and has embedded sustainability into its business.”

Louise and Steve want everyone to be part of the solution and to embrace sustainability. They believe “every organisation can be sustainable and can contribute to a planet where everyone can thrive” This requires a certain level of myth busting around the science. But to really get through they use storytelling to get people’s buy in.

Making a difference in more ways than one.

The Planet Mark™ team’s ability to bring people on board can be seen by the impact it has had on the people here at CLARITY and The Soap Co. Our Green Team is nine members strong (so far) and has already installed recycling bins in the canteen, switched energy suppliers and begun to look at changes in the factory to make further improvements. Across the company, we are working together to meet the objectives and become more sustainable.

Louise and Steve are really excited that The Planet Mark™ logo has already appeared on our new CLARITYeco foaming hand wash and that it will soon appear on The Soap Co.’s new eco and bee friendly body care products launching in September (watch this space!). We’re also really excited by our new partnership and the opportunity to increase awareness of their great work.

The Planet Mark™ has also gifted CLARITY – The Soap Co. a 1 acre of rainforest which will not only keep this slice of the world from being harvested for palm oil but also means we can protect the communities that live in it and rely on it for their livelihood. There’s even a chance we can taste the chocolate made by these communities – the actual taste of sustainability!

Our journey with The Planet Mark™ has just begun and we’re really looking forward to working together to reduce our CO2 emissions and improve our sustainability year-on-year. If you would like to know more about our new eco products from CLARITYeco and The Soap Co. please contact us at b2b@clarity.org.uk

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