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A group of NGOs including WWF, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth (FoE) have written to party leaders to express concern about Britain’s response to the US withdrawal

Paris Agreement: Why Member States are stronger without Donald Trump's meddling

The impact of the US' announced withdrawal from the Paris Agreement has been played down by climate experts, in the same week that a group of green organisations called on the next UK Prime Minister to defend the historic climate change deal.

The coalition aims to expand carbon pricing to cover 25% of global emissions by 2020

Coalition calls for worldwide carbon price to avert climate crisis

A group of 200 organisations including national governments and global businesses has echoed calls for an international carbon pricing system to put the world on the path to meet a 2C climate change target.

The White House has confirmed that a “much smaller” US delegation is set to attend the UN climate change summit in Bonn this week

Investors worth £11bn urge Trump to stick with Paris Agreement ahead of withdrawal decision

An investor group worth more than £11.5bn has urged Donald Trump to maintain support for the Paris Agreement, amid rife speculation that the President could seek to pull out the US from the landmark climate change deal as early as this week.

An increase in flooding is the biggest climate-related concern for 73% of British adults

Survey reveals 'discernible shift' towards public acceptance of climate change

A rising majority of British adults understand that climate change is real and is primarily caused by human activity, according to a new survey published by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).

Myron Ebell confirmed that the President will attempt to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency - a move which he deems “an aspirational goal” due to opposition within Congress

EXCLUSIVE: US withdrawal from Paris Agreement 'could happen any day', says Trump aide

EXCLUSIVE: The US will initiate all of Donald Trump's major climate change policy changes - including highly controversial moves to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - in the next few months, a key aide of the President has told edie.

The Government has vowed to ensure that businesses and communities have the resources and information required to remain protected from risks related to flooding

Defra outlines five-year climate action plan in national risk assessment

On the same day that the Met Office confirmed that 2016 was the hottest year since records began, the UK Government has today (18 January) highlighted the need to ramp up national efforts on climate change over the next five years in a new report of its own.

Taking inspiration from cities such as Vancouver, Stockholm and Copenhagen, Bournemouth wants to position itself at the vanguard of environmental protection

The Bournemouth Identity: Building a green business hub on the south coast

Climate change may be consuming shores and islands at a faster rate than ever before, but nestled on the southern coastline of the UK, Bournemouth Council has extended its climate change strategy beyond just delivering local efficiency improvements through to a long-term vision to become the nation's green economy leader.

John Kerry told Marrakech delegates that the low-carbon transition would be dictated by market forces, rather than policy. Photo: UNFCCflickr

US submits long-term climate strategy to United Nations

The US has presented a long-term strategy for ambitious emissions reductions in the face of domestic political uncertainty, after Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a rousing speech to delegates in Marrakesh to assert that US climate commitments will not be reversed.

The report arrives as ministers and delegates enter the second week of discussions at the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech. Photo: UNClimateChange/flickr

Global emissions flatline for third consecutive year

A new report has today (14 November) revealed that global carbon emissions growth stalled for the third year in a row, but concerns remain that reduction efforts are inadequate to meet the global warming target of "well below 2C".

The announcement follows the September launch of a new Imperial College Business School MSc in in Climate Change, Management and Finance. Image: Imperial College London

Imperial College Business School unveils climate finance research centre

Imperial College Business School has today (14 November) launched a new academic research centre to help businesses manage the risks and financial opportunities posed by climate change.

Christian Aid wants to see clear timelines and transition plans created to keep the institutions, and their clients, in line with the Paris Agreement

Banks not living up to climate pledges, says Christian Aid

Charity organisation Christian Aid has today (November 7) kick-started a campaign calling on UK's major high street banks to rapidly shift investments from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Hermes Investment Management chief executive Saker Nusseibeh (centre-left) urged firms to focus on the environmental and economic impacts of investment decisions

Ignoring sustainability in favour of short-termism will cause financial ruin, warns major investor

EXCLUSIVE: Companies that fail to realise the long-term benefits of sustainable investment will see their financial returns collapse, one of Britain's biggest investment groups has said.

Marrakech, Morocco, which plays host to the two-week COP22 event. The Conference offers an opportunity to set a clear strategy to emulate the Paris Agreement

UN: Paris Agreement still not good enough to avoid serious climate change

Less than 24 hours before the Paris Agreement formally enters into force, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has warned that governments and the private sector must together scale-up climate ambition to reduce an additional 25% from predicted 2030 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Defra’s watchdog is proposing an extension to current water and sewerage companies’ roles to include drainage responsibilities held by local authorities

MPs call for 'radical' flood defence overhaul to protect businesses

MPs are urging the Government to overhaul its flood protection system to help reduce the long-term flood risks for UK businesses and communities.

Such rapid action seemed barely conceivable ten months ago when world leaders descended upon the COP21 climate change conference in Paris

'Turning point for our planet': Green economy reacts to Paris Agreement ratification

The Paris Agreement, which will enter into force on 4 November, has been hailed by global businesses and political leaders as a "truly historic moment" in the fight against climate change, which could eventually go down in history as "the most impactful multilateral treaty of all time".

The EU Member States will simultaneously ratify the agreement individually, in accordance with their national parliamentary process. Photo European Commission

Paris Agreement poised to enter into full force as EU ratifies

The historic Paris Agreement will enter into force before the COP22 Marrakech event next month after the European Parliament approved its fast-track ratification today (4 October).

A new report from leading consultancy WSP is calling for the public and private sector to do more to protect the UK’s biodiversity

Biodiversity in the spotlight as reports highlight need for infrastructure advances

An international collaboration of top biologists has found that vital improvements must be made to forecast the global impact of climate change on plants and wildlife, as a separate report outlines how a planning framework is necessary for the UK to reverse biodiversity loss by 2020.

As an EU member state, the UK negotiated on key issues such as greenhouse gas emissions limits as part of the bloc, and was expected to take on its own tally of emissions reductions

EU out vote puts UK commitment to Paris climate agreement in doubt

The UK government won high praise six months ago for taking a leading role in the successful Paris climate change agreement, the first legally binding commitment on curbing carbon emissions by all 195 United Nations countries.

Cities are key to solving the climate change challenge. They account for most of the world’s carbon emissions, and mayors often have control over the largest sources

Michael Bloomberg: Our new alliance unites 600m city dwellers to fight climate change

Cities are huge carbon emitters but are ideally placed to tackle climate change. Michael Bloomberg addresses how the Global Covenant can give them the tools to do so.

Air pollution is allegedly 'claiming tens of thousands of UK lives a year' and led to the capital breaching its annual pollution limits in just one week

Air quality crisis: 7 shocking statistics that will take your breath away

With a plethora of recent reports highlighting the devastating extent to which the issue of air pollution is impacting the health of UK citizens and the world population in general, edie takes a look at the shocking statistics behind the coverage.

The UK is currently on track to outperform the Second and Third Carbon Budgets, but off track to meet the Fourth, with the Fifth needing to be set by the end of June

Sustainability professionals pile pressure on Government to accept Fifth Carbon Budget

A new survey has revealed that environmental and sustainability professionals are overwhelmingly in favour of recent recommendations for the UK's Fifth Carbon Budget, while separate academic report has concluded that the adoption of those proposals could help deliver long-term economic growth.

A potential boycott of the ceremony would secure the political leverage that these countries need, while also ensuring that developed nations fulfil existing commitments

Paris Agreement boycott looms unless developed countries fulfil promises

Developed countries including the UK and the US could be pressured into delivering pre-2020 climate agreements, after an influential think tank urged developing countries to boycott the Paris Agreement signing ceremony.

President Obama has been an influential driver in promoting low-carbon and sustainable plans and policies

Timeline: Barack Obama's global climate legacy

From his early campaigning on environmental issues before taking office in 2009 to the passion and enthusiasm he displayed at the historic climate talks in Paris last month, edie charts Barack Obama's most significant climate actions as he enters his final year as US President.

Interactive Map: The world's 14 biggest carbon emitters

As world leaders continue hammering out a new climate pact in Paris, see how the major national carbon reduction pledges compare with the current state of play among the globe's biggest polluters.

Energy generation accounts for two thirds of global emissions

COP21 Monday review: Energy pledges hit the headlines

A packed first day of week two at COP21 saw businesses, nations and organisations take aim at the cause of two thirds of global emissions - energy generation.

Credits will be generated from sustainable projects in developing countries which companies can then purchase to reduce carbon footprints

Companies pledge support to vulnerable supply chains through Fairtrade Carbon Credits scheme

Logistics company DHL and retailer Marks & Spencer are among a host of businesses backing a new Fairtrade initiative which offsets 'unavoidable' emissions by supporting rural supply chains.

One third of respondents felt that their market would not be affected by external climate changes, so they do not need to incorporate any form of innovation

Businesses putting off low-carbon innovation in hope of policy 'silver bullet'

European industrial firms are overlooking the importance of innovation in curbing emissions, a new study from the EU's innovation agency has found.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will head the global taskforce in an attempt to aid financial markets in understanding the growing climate-change risks

Michael Bloomberg to head up new climate task force

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is to lead a new industry-led task force which will offer climate change-related financial risk disclosures to companies and investors.

178 countries have now submitted their emissions reductions pledges for the Paris climate talks

COP21 Paris Climate Conference: Everything you need to know

The most important climate talks ever start on Monday (30 November), with 138 heads of state and 25,000 official delegates expected to be in attendance. Here's our simple guide to the negotiations over the next two weeks.

The US look set to have $412bn worth of fossil fuel projects listed as stranded assets by 2035

Fossil fuel companies risking $2trn in 'unnecessary' investments

A perfect storm of climate movements could see fossil fuel companies waste more than $2trn by pursuing projects in a potential world where there is no need for coal mines and oil prices have peaked, the Carbon Tracker Initiative has warned.

Using 17 proven climate solutions from across the globe 12 gigatonnes of GHG emissions can be reduced

Report: Current climate change solutions can cut a quarter of global emissions

A new report supported by world-leading institutions has found that global emissions could be reduced by up to 25% by using already-established climate solutions that do not need to be supported by new inventions or vast amounts of capital.

Branson believes that a long term goal can transform industries and create a lasting impact

Branson's B Team calls for long-term climate goals beyond Paris

An environmental coalition of 22 business leaders including Sir Richard Branson and Unilever's Paul Polman have penned an open letter ahead of the crucial Paris talks calling for an 'actionable' global commitment of 'Net-Zero by 2050'.

Japan, the US and the EU are contributing as little as a fifth of their estimated fair share reduction targets

Report: Rich countries failing to accept 'fair share' of climate action

The climate pledges made by rich countries are less than their 'fair share', according to new report released today (19 October).

Ministers have thrown their weight behind a $100bn commitment as well as supporting an international financial transaction tax

'Vulnerable 20' countries will share economies to fight climate change

Finance ministers representing over 700 million people have announced a series of financial mechanisms to invest in climate resiliency and lower emissions for 20 of the world's most vulnerable countries.

Legally binding elements of the new document include long-term global goals for halting and reducing global emissions, to a near-zero phase

UN unveils 20-page negotiating text for Paris

The United Nations (UN) has today (5 October) released a streamlined version of the negotiating text that will be used at the COP21 Paris Climate Conference in December.

The UN is to formally adopt the set of 17 new Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

Sustainable Development Goals: Businesses urged to take the lead

Sir Richard Branson, Unilever's Paul Polman and Professor Stephen Hawking are among those that have thrown their support behind the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set to be authorised today (25 September).

RE100 an ambitious global campaign from the Climate Group and CDP, has seen members rise from 12 to 36 just one year after launch

Major companies commit to 100% renewable energy ahead of Paris talks

A host of high-profile companies, including NIKE and Procter & Gamble, are the latest to join RE100 - an initiative whose members are committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy

Greenpeace called for global investments in renewable energy of $1trn a year

Greenpeace: Two thirds of global electricity could come from renewables by 2030

Renewables' share of the global electricity supply could more than triple in the next 15 years - from 21% today to 64% - according to a new Greenpeace report.

What I want from Paris: 21 climate leaders on COP21 - Part one

EXCLUSIVE: In the first of a two-part feature, edie brings you the voices of sustainability professionals, politicians, businessmen and environmental activists on what they want to see from the Paris climate talks.

Of the three main party leaders, Ed Miliband ranks last in terms of strength of leadership on climate change

Main party leaders not trusted by sustainability professionals on climate change

More than half of sustainability professionals feel that Natalie Bennett of the Green Party shows the strongest leadership on climate change, streets ahead of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, according to a new survey.

Colgate had reduced energy use and carbon emissions per ton of production by 16% since 2005

Reason to smile: Colgate-Palmolive announces new climate change commitment

Multinational consumer-goods firm Colgate-Palmolive is pledging to reduce its carbon footprint by a further 25%, having hit a number of energy, water and waste reduction targets in its latest sustainability report.

Tesco wants to become a zero-carbon business by 2050

Tesco turns to sea and rail travel to cut transport emissions

Tesco has slashed its freight transport emissions by 14 per cent over the past two years, off the back of a 50% reduction achieved between 2006 and 2012.

The recent floods were proof that the current model ignores the economic impacts of climate change, the report says

UK Treasury Climate Modelling 'deeply flawed', claims report

Economic modelling used by the UK Treasury to assess the costs of action on climate change 'should be treated with extreme caution', according to a new report commissioned by Friends of the Earth and WWF-UK.

Ed Davey believes the nation's businesses hold the key to delivering emissions reductions

Ed Davey supports call for business action on climate and energy

Energy & Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, believes there is a 'huge business opportunity for those who grasp the green mantle' and is urging companies to adopt clean energy and support climate policy at national and international level.

Almost half of senior executives are calling for 'urgent and immediate' action on the effects of climate change

Senior executives call for 'urgent and immediate' action on climate change

Senior executives are calling for urgent and immediate action on climate change by leaders in government, business and civil society, according to a new poll.

The London Assembly Environment Committee says 24,000 properties in London are at significant risk of river flooding

Reduce London's flood risk by 'reviving rivers' says Environment Committee

The London Assembly Environment Committee has today called for more impetus on sustainable drainage and river restoration to reduce flood risk.

The IPCC report says climate change impacts are occurring from the tropics to the poles, from small islands to large continents, and from the wealthiest countries to the poorest

IPCC report: Climate change impacts occurring from the tropics to the poles

The effects of climate change are already occurring on all continents and across the oceans, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) latest report.

Image credit: Taina Sohlman /

Exxon Mobil agrees to report on climate change's effect on business model

Oil giant bows to pressure from activists who want companies to acknowledge the changes wrought by government action

Cities signing up to the Mayors Adapt initiative will benefit from support for local activities to tackle climate change

European Commission launches climate change action initiative for cities

The European Commission has launched a new initiative to encourage cities to take action on climate change.

Budget 2014: Many will argue that manufacturers came out on top, while environmental policy again took a step back

Budget 2014 response round-up: Who said what

Today's Budget saw the Chancellor cap carbon tax and once again favour economic recovery over environmental resilience. Stirring up mixed reaction across industry, here's a rundown of who said what.

Yorkshire Water among utilities at 'forefront' of climate change response

Yorkshire Water is a front runner amongst those in the utility sector responding to the challenges brought on by climate change, according to Climate Change Partnership for Yorkshire and Humber's Jon Clubb.

HSBC: 2014 marks start of new economic focus on climate

HSBC has said climate change will rise up the corporate finance agenda this year, highlighting three issues - impacts, carbon risk and green bonds - that will lend impetus to this.

Businesses join forces for meaningful dialogue on sustainable development

Costain and Arriva Trains Wales are due to hold talks with the Welsh Government later today on how to advance the sustainable development agenda.

CCC: UK has no excuse to waver on climate policy

The UK has no justification to reduce its efforts on cutting emissions, according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

UK must approve carbon budget soon or risk investment, says Lord Deben

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has called for the Government to approve its fourth carbon budget in the New Year to avoid further investor uncertainty.

Owen Paterson says major increases in global temperature should not be seen as entirely negative

Owen Paterson: Global warming can have a positive side

Secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, says global warming could allow food to be grown further north

Switching to electric vehicles could save London businesses £200m

London based businesses could save £200m if 10% of their vans registered in the capital were replaced with electric models, according to new figures from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Chair of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy Professor Nicholas Stern

Lord Stern: IPCC report to provide 'impetus' for reducing emissions

Governments around the world are likely to increase their emissions reductions after reading the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, says Lord Nicholas Stern.

The New Climate Economy project aims to contribute to the global debate about economic policy

Global Commission launches 'New Climate Economy' project

A project examining how stronger economic performance can be supported by good climate policy has launched today, by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

The IPCC report is expected to give more clarity on the science and increased certainty about the causes of climate change

IPCC report expected to ignite efforts on climate change

The latest climate review from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is expected to confirm and highlight the drivers of climate change and kick-start action from businesses and Governments.

CDP report: BMW and Nestle leading on climate progress

BMW, Nestle and Philips Electronics are amongst the top 12 companies leading in climate change action, according to the international not-for-profit organisation CDP

TUI Travel is calling for a set of common metrics to report carbon emissions to ensure greater transparency in the industry

UK airlines need 'industry standard' for carbon reporting

International travel group, TUI Travel, has called for an industry standard on reporting fuel and carbon efficiency for UK airlines.

Assessments of climate risk are directly influencing investment decisions

Climate change 'firmly established' as a material risk for investors

The majority of investors view climate change as a material risk and as a consequence have retained, or advanced, their commitment to addressing climate change in their investment activities, according to a report.

Corporate responsibility must get tougher and more transparent

Businesses must ask some "tough questions" and become more transparent if they wish to scale up their CSR commitments, PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) corporate responsibility leader Shannon Schuyler has said.

Credit: shalunts /

Climate change strongly linked to rising violence, scientists say

The world is set to become more violent as global temperatures rise, with scientists warning this could lead to a "collapse in civilisation".

Credit: mistydawnphoto /

Obama's climate change action plan could swing in favour of UK

US President Barack Obama's recent pledge on climate action could create a ripple effect in the UK, placing strong pressure on the Government to reinstate its 'greenest ever' commitments.

Credit: Filip Fuxa /

The Obama effect: will the UK up its climate game?

If US President Barack Obama continues to make a strong case for climate action, there will be increasing pressure on our own prime minister to follow suit, observes Gareth Kane

EXCLUSIVE: Insurance industry to provide greater support to low carbon sector

In the coming years the insurance industry will provide greater support to the clean tech, low carbon sector by creating products that will widen the market, says Aviva's Zelda Bentham.

European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard

European Commission invests €281m in new environment and climate projects

The European Commission has approved a multi-million euro fund for 248 new projects focusing on the environment and climate.

Christiana Figueres wants to see more urgency on climate issues

Christiana Figueres: 'No country doing enough on climate change'

UN climate change chief Christiana Figueres has urged greater global action on curbing carbon emissions, warning that no country is doing enough to tackle the threat of global warming.

Cities tackling climate change retaining business investment says CDP

Cities protecting their existing businesses from the increasing risks associated with climate change are attracting new companies and driving economic growth, according to a new report.

BT customer service taking direct hit from climate change

The effects of climate change are restricting BT from further improving its customer service, according to the company's chief sustainability officer Niall Dunne.

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ANALYSIS: Acclimatising to the Al Gore factor

His speech won a standing ovation, yet you couldn't call it particularly insightful or revealing. It was more a heady mix of comedy and metaphor. So what was it about Al Gore that left so many corporate sustainability professionals feeling a sense of awe and privilege?

Tony Juniper:

Tony Juniper: Sustainability must learn how to tap into humanity

The sustainability debate needs to realign itself with social values if challenges around behaviour change are to be overcome, leading environmentalist Tony Juniper has said.

Credit: David Fowler /

Thatcher remembered for paving way on climate politics

Sustainability professionals have largely paid tribute to the environmental legacy left by Baroness Margaret Thatcher in British politics following her death today at the age of 87.

Scottish industry 'performing well' on implementing low-carbon policy

Scotland is continuing to make significant progress on implementing its climate change strategy, according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Scientists urge caution on climate geo-engineering

The world may need to turn to geo-engineering to tackle climate change effectively, but this would pose enormous challenges, according to academic leaders.

Is Chancellor George Osborne in danger of overlooking what is a pressing issue for business?

Dear Chancellor, don't dismiss resource security

Decisions on resource pressures should be underpinned by solid evidence so why did the Treasury call a halt to an independent review into this issue, asks Suzanne Baker

Climate campaigner Mark Wood is new patron for Sustainability Live

Sustainability Live to host 'climate summit' from Mount Everest

Intrepid explorer Mark Wood will be linking from his Mount Everest ascent expedition at this year's Sustainability Live exhibition to raise awareness for international climate change issues.

Business trusted more than government on climate change

A growing number of consumers are putting their faith in businesses to tackle climate change, believing them to be better managed and more accountable than government on the issue.


WEF climate talks seek new ways to unlock private finance

Business leaders must find a way to turn climate crisis into an investment opportunity for sustainable infrastructure, according to a senior figure at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Boris Johnson: left out in the cold

Boris Johnson frozen out on twitter for 'debunking' global warming

London Mayor Boris Johnson has sparked outrage on twitter over his comments on climate change which appear to question reputable scientific evidence by suggesting Britain might be entering a "mini ice age".

'Confusing' climate coverage is turning people off, study finds

There is "widespread public confusion" over climate change coupled with a growing lack of interest in the issue, according to new research.

No 'new green policies' in Government's mid-term review

Green groups expressed anger today after the Coalition Government's mid-term review document offered no new policies on climate change.

Credit: rook76 /

Hobbit-like humans may emerge as global warming takes hold

Humans will have to cope with less food and shrink to the size of hobbits if they are to survive in a warmer world, according to scientists.

Credit: Leonard Zhukovsky /

Climate migitation costs risk spiralling 'out of control'

The global cost of meeting climate change targets is set to soar unless urgent action is taken, new research has warned.

Ireland draft Climate Change Bill due early 2013

Ireland's long-awaited draft Climate Change Bill is at "an advanced stage" and set to be published in the first quarter of this year, following a series of delays.

Investors prepared to interrogate businesses on resource efficiency

Many businesses are not taking up energy efficiency projects despite the positive return on investment, says Frances Way of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Tesco expects to dramatically reduce energy usage through the use of LED lighting

Tesco to make 30% energy savings at first all-LED store

Tesco expects to make 30% energy savings at its first store run solely on LED lighting, as it continues to move towards its target of being carbon neutral by 2050.

Wind turbines in Wales: electricity from renewable sources has more than doubled since 2002

Wales scoring sustainable development points but CO2 emissions rising

In the past year Wales has increased its renewable energy production, recycled more household waste and managed water more efficiently according to the latest government figures.

Tesco's target to roll-out 150 HFC-free stores has been disrupted by technology issues

Tesco falls behind on climate-friendly refrigerant target

Tesco has fallen behind in its efforts to make 150 stores in the UK Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) free by 2012, according to a report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

The construction sector is leading the field in climate change adaptation, identifying opportunities which are driving product innovation and development

Exclusive: commercial opportunities being overlooked says Defra climate change adaptation report

Businesses are failing to realise the commercial advantages to be gained from adapting to climate change, according to a new Defra report seen exclusively by edie before its publication on Friday.

Call for 5% pension fund injection in green economy by 2015

International climate change policy must overcome financial and regulatory barriers if the green economy is to flourish, according to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

AECOM scoops CDP contract

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has awarded technical management provider AECOM a contract to work on its 2012 cities report.

EU Energy Commission on fact-finding mission to Ireland

The European Union's Committee of the Regions will visit Ireland for the first time this month to learn more about the country's renewable energy drive.

Wales on target to reduce waste emissions

Wales is driving down emissions from waste management as it reports on early outcomes from its climate change strategy.

IN-DEPTH: Concerns over water resources rising

A growing number of European countries are concerned about their water resources, with chemical pollution and climate change considered the greatest threat to the water environment.

Businesses failing to account for climate change

Despite climate change posing a "substantial" risk to UK major companies less than half have contingency plans in place.

Blazing the trail

Buildings are responsible for nearly half of UK carbon dioxide emissions. Rob Bell asks whether the planned 120,000 homes at Thames Gateway can act as an example of energy efficiency for the housing sector

In the front line

Investors and financial organisations are increasingly alert to climate change. As leading emitters of greenhouse gases, utility companies are in the front line. John Haven reports

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