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Redrow's Carey Fields development in Moulton near Northampton

Redrow targets biodiversity 'net gain' at new developments

UK housebuilder Redrow has announced that a "net gain" approach to biodiversity will be adopted across all new developments, following a trial period that successfully enhanced the ecological land value of certain projects.

A circular economy does not mean a flat global economy

Achieving a truly circular economy is an ambitious yet realistic concept, and something that will require input from governments, businesses and people across the world to bring to fruition, as well as a broad change in thinking.

Show support for forests on the International Day of Forests

My father used to sing "Hutanku Tak Akan Hilang", which means "My Forests Will Stay" in Indonesian, and I inherited my passion for forests from him. Today (21 March) marks International Day of Forests, but it is unacceptable that even with an annual day to reflect on these environments - and the species within them - that they continue to be lost at unprecedented rates.

The seeds of sustainability are all around us

As sustainability practitioners we often have to juggle two sometimes conflicting ambitions. Firstly, the need to stimulate sustainable change based upon where we are now, and secondly how we might imagine and create more fundamentally sustainable approaches.

Why trusted partnerships are key to driving emissions down

According to the United Nations University, 40% of Europe's electrical products end up in landfill when they are no longer needed. And yet this huge mountain of e-waste thrown away each year contains 16,500 kilotons of iron, 1,900 kilotons of copper, and 300 tonnes of gold.

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