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Of the 17 hottest years ever recorded, 16 have now occurred since 2000, and scientists expect this pattern to continue

Sustainability megatrends: It's time for business to collaborate on climate change

Continuing edie's new megatrends series of thought-leadership articles on the global impact of megatrends, World Resources Institute's Eliot Metzger and Moushumi Chaudhury explore how businesses are dealing with the widespread effects of climate change.

The Government has vowed to ensure that businesses and communities have the resources and information required to remain protected from risks related to flooding

Defra outlines five-year climate action plan in national risk assessment

On the same day that the Met Office confirmed that 2016 was the hottest year since records began, the UK Government has today (18 January) highlighted the need to ramp up national efforts on climate change over the next five years in a new report of its own.

Munich Re’s NatCatService recorded 750 medium and large scale loss events from natural causes in 2016 – significantly above the ten-year average of 590

Less than a third of $175bn natural catastrophe losses covered by insurance

Deadly storms and earthquakes across the globe led to the costliest twelve months for natural catastrophe losses since 2012, with insurers paying out around $50bn to cover just 30% of global losses.

Green Alliance wants regional catchment management boards to consolidate flood risk decision-making in a single local body

Green Alliance: Public spending on flood strategy 'perverse'

The UK Government's "perverse" flood strategy makes four times as much money available to actions that could increase flood risk instead of preventing flooding, according to new research from Green Alliance.

Will new Chancellor Philip Hammond dedicate any part of his first Autumn Statement to the green economy? Stay tuned to edie on Wednesday

Autumn Statement 2016: 10 green policy hopes for Philip Hammond's first budget announcement

From unveiling a low-carbon Industrial Strategy and confirming post-Brexit support for renewables through to enabling a smart, flexible energy system and providing more expenditure to prevent flooding - will new Chancellor Philip Hammond deliver on our green policy wishlist in his first Autumn Statement?

Despite government support for measures such as planting trees to stop floods, no funds have yet been been allocated

UK government not funding natural flood prevention methods

Natural ways of preventing flooding such as planting trees have no government funding despite ministers repeatedly backing the idea, according to a freedom of information request by Friends of the Earth.

Defra’s watchdog is proposing an extension to current water and sewerage companies’ roles to include drainage responsibilities held by local authorities

MPs call for 'radical' flood defence overhaul to protect businesses

MPs are urging the Government to overhaul its flood protection system to help reduce the long-term flood risks for UK businesses and communities.

In its latest review, the Government has considered more creative business-led solutions to deliver new flood defences this winter

National Flood Resilience Review: Government recruits business leaders to design new defences

Defra is looking to take a cross-sector approach to protecting critical infrastructure through closer collaboration between water, telecoms and power companies, as the Government releases its much-anticipated National Flood Resilience Review.

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The Committee found that local authorities have not been receiving the support they need to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of flooding

Flooding: Government must change inefficient and reactive approach, say MPs

The UK Government is failing to protect communities and businesses at risk of flooding, according to a new report released today (9 June) by the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee.

The report calls on businesses to be resilient to extreme weather and to seek opportunities, where they can, from a changing climate

Environment Agency urges businesses to "seek opportunities" from climate change

A third of the climate risks identified by UK businesses are being managed within low-cost "business-as-usual" budgets, according to a new report from the Environment Agency which has addressed how businesses view the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and severe weather.

The scheme comes as a welcome announcement for homeowners in flood-stricken areas, especially in the aftermath of the extensive flood damage that devastated UK towns and villages last winter

Government offers flooding insurance to high-risk households

The UK Government has teamed up with the insurance industry to help lower the costs of insurance premiums for up to 350,000 homes in flood-hit areas across country.

Up to 8% of health care buildings in England are currently operating in flood risk zones

Government urged to prepare health systems against 'devastating' climate change effects

UK health services are currently unprepared for the potentially 'devastating' risks posed by climate change, a new coalition of leading health institutions has warned.

To help public sector organisations take more effective action on climate change, 72% wanted more support from central government and 64% wanted more budget or finance

Public sector still unprepared for floods and droughts, research reveals

Only a quarter of Britain's public sector organisations have plans in place to adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as more frequent flooding or higher temperatures, new research from the Carbon Trust has found.

Over 40,000 in Lancaster alone lost power due to the effects of Storm Desmond

Government offers financial aid for flood-hit areas

Communities Secretary Greg Clark has announced that financial assistance will be made available to areas of the UK affected by flooding in the wake of Storm Desmond.

Peatlands cover around 10% of the UK and store more than 20 times the amount of carbon as all the country's forests

Peatland protection code could cut UK emissions by 200 million tonnes

A new Government-backed code to protect and restore the UK's peatlands could reportedly cut national CO2 emissions by 200 million tonnes by 2050.

Mr Nosey weighs 30kg to prevent it from being swept away in fast-flowing water

Environment Agency reveals James Bond-esque flood-tackling gadgetry

The Environment Agency has unveiled an armoury of high-tech equipment it will use to fight the spectre of potential flooding this winter, including lasers, solar-powered cameras and a remote-controlled robot called Mr Nosey.

There are around 260,000 business units employing 3.2 million people located in flood risk areas in the UK

Environment Agency urges businesses to prepare for future floods

The Environment Agency has launched its annual Flood Action campaign, calling on businesses to prepare themselves for potentially extreme weather over the coming months.

Unexpected pollution incidents an lead to significant fines and a substantial bill for environmental remediation

Environmental pollution - is your business watertight?

Business owners and site managers need to ensure that their facilities are protected from water pollution and flooding. How will spill containment systems work in a real-life emergency? Would regulatory authorities be satisfied that containment systems are effective? David Cole from Hydro Consultancy finds out.

The Home Quality Mark has been designed to empower and enrich the quality of new residential properties

Sustainability rating scheme to promote 'healthier' UK homes

A new 5-star rating scheme is being introduced by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to help house-buyers make informed decisions about the green credentials of their homes.

As sea levels rise in line with global warming, coastal flooding could be costing nations $100,000bn a year

Sea defences not enough to protect delta cities from rising flood risk - study

Rich nations spend huge sums to keep the seas at bay but wealth may not save them indefinitely.

Flood funding in the UK should not be treated as a 'political football' by politicians

UK's future flood security threatened by political gain, says CIWEM

Flood funding in the UK should not be treated as a 'political football' by politicians.

The Environment Agency does not consult on property developments with fewer than 10 houses, meaning that 12,000 homes are being built on floodplains every year

UK failing to address climate change priorities, say MPs

Around 12,000 new UK homes are being built at flood risk every year due to a failing climate change adaptation plan, MPs have warned.

The private sector has only contributed around £40m towards flood defences since 2011

Defra faces £600m deficiency in flood defence budget

Defra is struggling to fill a £600m black hole in its flood defence spending that was expected to be filled by businesses and local authorities.

More than £245m has already been invested in flood risk management under the current Welsh Government

Wales invests £150m in new flood and coastal defences

Finance and Government Business Minister Jane Hutt will today (9 December) announce £150m of funding for flood and coastal risk management across Wales.

More than 1,400 projects will receive a share of £2.3bn to protect against flooding for 300,000 homes

Flood defence funding: Is the Government treading water?

The coalition Government has unveiled details of its latest pre-election spending commitment in the form of £2.3bn of funding for more than 1,400 new flood defence projects across the UK - but opposition parties and green groups have been quick to voice their concerns.

The Royal Society encourages all capital owners to realise the value of adapting to extreme events

Companies urged to realise true cost of extreme weather

Public and private sector organisations are being advised to report their maximum probable annual losses caused by extreme weather, compared with their current assets and operations.

Flooding Minister Dan Rogerson said the Government's flood spending had increased by 5% compared with the previous administration

Government hits back at flood risk management report

The Government has rubbished National Audit Office (NAO) criticisms that it is not allocating enough money to flooding defences.

Five million UK properties are at risk of flooding

'Insufficient funding' leaves 5 million properties at flood risk

With winter fast approaching, the UK Environment Agency has been warned that its current spending and resources are insufficient to deal with potential floods.

The Blueprint for Water coalition reiterates that dredging is only one small part of the solution to flooding

Dredging up Trouble: Government urged to resist 'playing politics' over flood prevention

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) must turn its focus away from dredging towards other proven flood-prevention measures if it wants to avoid another catastrophic winter.

Floods and droughts force EU climate action

Extreme weather conditions are forcing European Governments to reassess their climate change policies, but most countries have identified barriers to taking action, a report has found.

The Steart Marshes will protect newly constructed flood banks from erosion so that they last longer.

Government opens UK's biggest flood management scheme

The Environment Agency has today (8 September) completed the UK's biggest ever coastal realignment scheme in Somerset to protect local businesses from future flooding.

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