Inshore Emergency Oil Skimmer 'OM-Series'. A self-sufficient oil recovery system using polypropylene mops for marine use.


  • For use in docks, harbours and close inshore clean-up operations.
  • The package is self-contained in a metal storage container for easy handling and storing of the system when not in use.
  • The ocean mop system is based on the highly successful e-series range of products.
  • It can vary in size and performance to suit individual needs recovering in excess of 30 tonnes an hour of oil.
  • The opec mop handles any debris on the water surface.
  • Use of a hydraulic crane enables great versatility in cleaning oily water. 

     The OM Series II Skimming System is designed to be deployed from vessels of opportunity and any vessel equipped with a hydraulic crane of adequate capacity may be used.

    General Description

    Skimmer head (number varies depending on desired performance)
    Diesel driven power pack
    Oil transfer pump
    Operator console
    Umbilicals - hydraulic hoses, oil transfer hoses and clips

    The SKIMMER HEAD which uses OPEC mops is deployed vertically onto the water. This skimmer head is suspended from the crane with the mops allowed to settle on the surface in the product which has to be recovered. The mop drive units are powered by variable speed hydraulic motors fed from a power pack. 

    The POWER PACK is placed on the deck of the operating vessel and connected to the skimmer head via flexible hydraulic pipes. The power pack consists of a self regulating hydraulic piston pump directly coupled to an air cooled diesel engine which is equipped with electric starting facility, it also has a recoil hand start capability. The power pack also supplies power to an oil transfer pump.

    A TRANSFER PUMP is provided to pump the recovered oil from the skimmer sump to bulk storage on the vessel. The pump is connected to the skimmer head via a flexible suction hose provided with quick release connectors. The pump is driven by a variable speed hydraulic motor.

    The skimmer head and pump are controlled by directional valves and flow control valves mounted on a separate OPERATOR CONSOLE which may be positioned in the most convenient position for operating the system which is usually close to the ships handrail. The pump is bi-directional and it may be used to pump in both directions if required, for instance when emptying the temporary storage container. The skimmer must NOT be operated in reverse when the mops are installed.

    The complete system is supplied in a steel storage CONTAINER which provides protection and security when the system is not in use. The power pack and pump may be left on the base of the container during operations if desired. The top cover of the container is designed to be used for temporary recovered oil storage when removed and inverted, and a disposable liner is provided so that the interior of the cover does not become fouled with recovered oil.

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