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The aircraft will help to open the opportunities of the internet to people in underconnected regions. Photo: Facebook

Facebook's unmanned solar-powered internet drone takes flight

Facebook has announced the successful first flight of its unmanned solar-power internet drone, which will eventually aim to break the world-record for the longest unmanned aircraft flight.

REBA says it will work with companies to overcome hurdles faced when negotiating with utilities and regulators

Microsoft and Facebook unite to accelerate clean energy revolution

Tech giants Microsoft and Facebook have pledged to develop 60GW of renewable energy by 2025, along with companies including Unilever, Kellogg's and IKEA as part of the newly launched Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA).

The centre in Ireland will be the second energy and cost efficient data centre that Facebook owns in Europe

Facebook to build 100% renewable data centre in Ireland

Facebook have announced plans for a new data centre to be built in Ireland which will run on 100% renewable energy using the country's 'robust' wind resources.

AWS has a long-term commitment to source 100% renewable energy

Amazon Web Services adds 100MW wind farm to booming renewables portfolio

Amazon's cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has contracted US energy firm EDP Renewables to construct and operate a 100MW wind farm in Ohio.

Zero Waste Scotland said that re-using rather than recycling 100 sofas can save 1.5 tonnes of carbon.

Zero Waste Scotland launches social media campaign to inspire upcycling

Zero Waste Scotland has launched an 8-week social media campaign to encourage Scots to 'upcycle' unwanted pieces of furniture.

Gaming computers currently represent 2.5% of the global PC base, yet they are responsible for 20% of the energy output

More efficient gaming PC's could save $18bn

Simply upgrading a few core components in gaming PCs could save enough energy to stop the construction of 40 500MW power plants, a new study has claimed.

Facebook has set itself a long term goal of sourcing 100% renewable energy

Green giant: 5 ways Facebook is embracing digital sustainability

The tech giants of Silicon Valley were slow out of the gate with sustainability, frequently coming under fire at the start of the decade for their energy and water-hungry ways.

Obama's Clean Power Plan will carbon emissions from power plants by almost a third

Obama launches Clean Power Plan to slash power plant emissions

President Obama is set to launch the final version of America's Clean Power Plan today (3 August) to tackle carbon emissions from power plants.

Amazon's planned  North Carolina wind farm is its largest renewable energy project

Amazon commits to 208MW wind farm in largest renewables venture yet

Amazon is to construct a 208MW wind farm which will become the first utility-scale wind farm in the US state of North Carolina.

This week saw big numbers from the UK Budget as well as big businesses such as Facebook and Lamborghini

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

It's been a hectic week for sustainability professionals, with the Summer Budget leaving many edie readers with some big numbers to mull over...

Greenpeace analysed the transparency, efficiency and renewable energy commitments of 17 tech giants, including Google, Facebook Amazon, IBM and Yahoo

Amazon locks horns with Greenpeace over energy commitment

Greenpeace and Amazon have become embroiled in a public spat after the charity claimed the online retailer's renewable energy commitments "lacked basic transparency".

A growing number of brands and companies are using social media to communicate sustainability strategies to their customers

#Sustainability: Five ways social media is driving CSR

With key sustainability credentials often hidden deep within long annual reports, businesses are increasingly embracing the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to communicate directly with their customer base.

More than 25 leading multinational companies are supporting the Collectively sustainability platform

Global brands unite for digital sustainability platform

Coca-Cola, Google and Nike are among a coalition of some of the world's biggest companies that are sponsoring a global digital platform which aims to drive behaviour change among millennials by making more sustainable living 'the new normal'.

The firms share a combined renewable energy target of 8.4 million MWh per year by 2020

Blue chips unite to drive renewable energy revolution

A group of 12 leading companies have signed up to the Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles in an effort to better communicate their expectations of the renewables marketplace.

Microsoft: Innovation in energy consistent with IT industry's personality

IT companies cannot "sit on the side-lines and be a laggard" when it comes to tackling energy supply issues, particularly those associated with data centres, says Microsoft's Rob Bernard.

Richard Rubbish

European Commission unveils new film to promote resource efficiency

The European Commission has unveiled a new film that promotes the message of viewing waste as a resource as part of its environmental initiative - Generation Awake.

The world's Information Communications Technologies (ICT) ecosystem uses about 1,500 TWh of electricity annually, equal to all the electricity generated in Japan and Germany combined

Digital economy using almost 10% of the world's electricity

Due to the increasing use of mobile data the digital economy is now approaching a tenth of the world's electricity use, according to a new report.

G8 leaders urged to take action for Global Wind Day

Renewable energy activists have called on world leaders to commit to phasing out fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy, ahead of the G8 summit on June 17-18.

Facebook updates green status with new Arctic data centre

Facebook has claimed that its new data centre, which has now gone live on the edge of the Arctic Circle, is likely to be one of the most efficient and sustainable in the world.

Social media: why it's good to talk

Driving dialogue and debate on key waste issues through the use of twitter or facebook is both valuable and cost-effective. So get connected, urges Gareth Morton

Total annual carbon footprint per monthly active Facebook user was just 269 grams - the equivalent of three bananas.
Pic: Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com

Facebook reveals carbon emissions and targets greener profile

For the first time, social media giant Facebook has disclosed its annual carbon emissions and energy consumption.

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