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Ian Hewson is head of water and wastewater solutions at Business Stream

Big changes ahead: how the Water Bill can make businesses more sustainable

Water forms an important part of business sustainability. Or at least it should, says Ian Hewson. But the reality is that most businesses in England are used to being presented with a bill at the end of every month or quarter for the amount of water they have consumed, with little visibility of how they can reduce consumption and cut costs.

London Environment Committee to question Thames Water on management plans

The London Assembly's Environment Committee is to discuss longer-term water management plans with Thames Water, including action being taken to improve water efficiency in London's homes and businesses.

the WBCSD says a stronger knowledge of how to value water can have a significant impact on how companies manage their water use

New guidance published to help businesses better understand value of water

New guidance to help businesses assess the value of water to their operations, as well as to society as a whole, has been published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

In Deep Water: How technology can localise and restore urban water infrastructure

Many of us have experienced the growth of the "buy local food" movement in recent years. Brian Young and Emma Stewart, Sustainability Solutions at Autodesk, would like to propose an even more effective movement: "drink local".

Welsh Water's investment will fund environmental initiatives such as reducing phosphates in Llyn Padarn Snowdonia

Welsh Water raises investment to improve quality of rivers and wetlands

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW) is investing a further £150,000 into environmental projects that aim to improve the quality of Welsh rivers, lakes and wetlands.

Britain wastes two billion litres of water a day in the shower

Brits wasting 2 billion litres of water per day in the shower

British homes are using nine billion litres of water every day, with showers being the biggest consumers of water in the home, according to the largest study ever conducted on household water use.

New guidelines published to improve risk governance in water sector

New guidelines to help water companies in the international water sector better manage and implement effective risk governance have been published this week.

Ireland has seen a decline of water sites that are in pristine condition in the period 1987-2008

Ireland sets protection measures for threatened 'pristine' water sites

Ireland has seen a dramatic loss of waterbodies in pristine condition due to relatively low intensity activities, such as field drainage, and pollution, according to a new report.

6,311 areas in Europe are not meeting EU water quality standards

Europe failing own water quality standards

Water is failing EU environmental standards in more than 6,000 towns and cities across Europe, putting the health of millions of people at risk and rendering taxpayers liable for fines of over €1bn (£846m) a year, new research shows.

Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham

How easy is it to reduce water consumption?

Reducing water usage at a major retail establishment may seem like a complex challenge but in the case of Wrexham's Eagles Meadow shopping centre, cutting consumption was "not exactly rocket science".

In water-stressed sites, mainly in Africa, Diageo aims to reduce water wasted by 50% by 2015

Diageo records 7% water efficiency improvement in 2011

Diageo is on track to reach its water efficiency improvement target of 30% by 2015 after seeing progress of 7.2% in 2011, according to the drink manufacturer's latest Sustainability and Responsibility report.

Research will be carried out for 12 months measuring nutrient water quality and examining pollution levels when sediments in estuaries are stirred up by storms.

Scientists monitor storm impact on water quality

British scientists will monitor the effect storms have on pollution in river water as climate change is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of stormy weather.

Floods in 2007 prompted a review of SuDs, which can be used to reduce the impact of development on flooding and the environment

Government uncertainty delays sustainable drainage regulation

Regulation making Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) compulsory for new developments has been delayed by government uncertainty over proposed national standards.

The new waste water treatment works at Bullwood just outside Dunoon, has ended the discharging of untreated, unscreened waste water into the Clyde and Holy Loch in the area

Scottish Water helps clean up the Clyde

A £34m investment in waste water treatment by Scottish Water has finally ended the discharge of untreated sewerage and unscreened water into the Firth of Clyde.

Protecting the natural environment, particularly water, is high on the list of environmental priorities for Ireland

Economic pressures impact on Ireland's environment

Ireland is facing formidable environmental challenges, particularly in relation to water, climate change and nature protection, concludes the latest country report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That's despite the environment being described as 'generally in good condition overall'.

South East Water makes £1.5m leakage investment

South East Water (SEW) has awarded technology company i20 Water a £1.5m contract to supply leakage management systems in a bid to tackle drought in the south east.

New Thames Tunnel consultation set to launch

Thames Water has unveiled plans to launch an additional four-week consultation round on amendments to its proposed Thames Tunnel project.

Ireland's bathing waters continue to improve

Irish bathing water standards have come up trumps again in the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, with nearly 100% hitting EU mandatory standards in 2011.

South East Water to invest further £90m

South East Water (SEW) has unveiled plans to invest a further £90m in water mains improvements in 2012/13 as it nears the halfway mark of its five-year programme.

New public water utility set to launch in Ireland

Irish Water is set to become an independent state owned subsidiary of Bord Gais Eireann and remain in public ownership, the Irish Government has announced.

Unilever aims to reduce environmental impact through collaborative working

Unilever has published details of a range of research projects focusing on waste, water and health in a bid to develop technologies and products with a lower environmental impact.

VIDEO: Coca-Cola on track to hit 20% water use efficiency target

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has unveiled how progress to improve water management and reduce water consumption is underway in its latest report.

Brunel University vice-chancellor Chris Jenks and professor Susan Jobling with the Queen and Duke

Queen awards research linking water pollution to low sperm counts

The Queen has awarded a team of researchers from Brunel University for their pioneering work linking chemical pollutants in rivers with declining sperm counts and cancer.

The deal, which will create a €700m business, is due to complete this summer

Merger creates top ten consultancy

Engineering consultancies DHV and Royal Haskoning have announced their intention to merge the two businesses, creating a top ten independently-owned, non-listed firm in their field.

Ofwat appoints new board members

Water regulator Ofwat has appointed two new members to its board and a new senior director of markets.

Soap suds and savings

Washrooms can account for a significant percentage of water use in offices. But, say Ann Durrant and Alexandra McKay, companies can reduce their impact on this natural resource and save money by switching from lotion to foam soaps and changing their employees handwashing technique

UPDATED: edie poll proves businesses divided over water pricing

Businesses are divided over plans by Ofwat to increase water bills, with an edie poll suggesting a near even spilt between those in favour and those against the increase.

Plans to extend EU list of dangerous water pollutants 'fall short', says WWF

Environmental group WWF has criticised plans by the European Commission to add 15 new chemicals to the current EU list of 33 dangerous water pollutants, arguing proposals "fall short".

British Water launches international SME group

An international group for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) has launched, in a bid to help them compete with major businesses in the global water market.

Institute of Water awards trio of water professionals

The Institute of Water (IOW) has awarded a trio of water industry professionals with the Chartered Environmentalist qualification.

Dublin launches water mains upgrade works

Dublin City Council has launched the next phase of a Euro118m water main rehabilitation project in a bid to reduce leakage, improve water pressure and security of supply.

Modgen treatment works

Water quality sewage upgrade project at half-way point

A major sewage upgrade project which aims to increase the capacity of London's treatment works by 50% is half-way towards completion, according to Thames Water.

Thames Water warns of potential summer drought

Thames Water has launched four new water-saving campaigns in a bid to tackle water scarcity and safeguard against a potential drought in the summer.

EWC: seeking to challenge Lancashire County Council

EWC seeks to challenge Lancashire in Supreme Court

Environmental Waste Controls (EWC) is planning to challenge Lancashire County Council in the Supreme Court, following its decision to award a waste disposal contract to SITA UK.

Londoners get insulation incentives

Londoners are being offered cut price insulation as part of a plan to curb the capital's carbon emissions, the Mayor announced on Wednesday.

Clinton announces drinking water health standards

President Clinton has announced two new public health standards for drinking water, and released $775 in low-interest loans for state drinking water improvements.

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