Ventilation Air Methane analysis - VAM

Gas monitoring technology specifically designed for Ventilation Air Methane applications, monitoring highly accurately at low CH4 concentrations from 0 - 1.50 % vol.

Ventilation Air Methane analysis - VAM

This field proven technology is available in transportable systems or for fixed position, continuous monitoring.

Geotech’s VAM analyser has successfully been employed for medium-term site feasibility studies, operating remotely to take readings at 15 minute intervals for up to 31 days.  An internal modem allows the client to gather data remotely at regular intervals.

Temperature and flow readings can also be taken by the VAM analyser, which is housed in a robust IP65-rated case for use in harsh conditions.


The VAM measurement technology can also be employed in Geotech’s fixed position continuous gas monitoring system, AEMS, offering integration with multiple onsite devices to provide a fully comprehensive remote solution for CDM projects.

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