Type 3280 & 3285 - Compact Electromotive Valves

The direct-acting proportional valves Type 3280 & Type 3285 are used for dosing of liquids and gases in closed or open control loops.

Type 3280 & 3285 - Compact Electromotive Valves

The new range of compact Burkert 2/2 way proportional valves, brings simplicity & versatility to the application through its ingenious on-board processor.  Allowing the user to connect directly to an external interface via CAN-open, it can be programmed to accept direct external set points from devices such as flow meters or pressure sensors. 

Integral PID functions make these valves an exceptional choice where space is at a premium, or large process controllers such as PLC are not economical.

Reliability comes in the form of a stepper motor, opening and closing the seat to provide a variable orifice.  With variants of up to 22 bar, this range of compact electromotive valves provides an ideal solution for gas or liquid dosing applications. 

If you'd like more information, please visit the Burkert Type 3280Type 3285 product overview pages. 

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