Waste Conveyors From R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd

Macpresse has over 50 years experience of designing and manufacturing conveyor belts for recyclables, metal, paper, plastic, solid waste and baled waste paper.

Waste Conveyors From R.C.P Macpress (UK) Ltd

Experienced design engineers and technicians provide bespoke layouts for conveyor systems. Everything from simple conveyor feeding balers to complete sorting facilities are designed and built in-house.

Conveyor belts consist of two parallel drive chains, on to which steel slats are bolted. The design of these cold-formed slats eliminates the need for hinges and prevents paper from becoming trapped between the slats during operation. Available in three different sizes 100mm, 200mm and 250mm wide. All conveyor belts are equipped with springs to maintain the correct tension of the belt. The drive chains are manufactured to Macpresse’s own design and specification developed through years of experience in the recycling and waste industries. All materials used in the construction of Macpresse conveyor systems are of the highest quality and specifically treated to withstand heavy-duty usage and the harsh environment of the recycling and waste handling industries. Gear motors are used for driving the conveyor and a reaction arm to absorb the shock force during the start – stop operation. Available in three specifications to suit different applications all drive chains run on a Hardox track to eliminate wear and supplied with an oil lubrication system as standard.Conveyor systems can be fitted with Safetech. Safetech consists of a belt worn by personnel working on the conveyor and a detector fitted to the conveyor itself. Should an operative fall onto the conveyor, the conveyor will automatically stop when their Saftech belt passes the detector.

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