How to protect pumps and reduce the risk of leakage

Conditions within pipe networks can change extremely quickly and as such a pump's ability to perform its function can be compromised. Pumps can easily become damaged due to fluctuations in pump pressure resulting in leakage, reduced pump efficiency and increased maintenance costs.

How to protect pumps and reduce the risk of leakage

The challenge

A pumping system can suffer from too low or too high flow, or cavitation. It is important that such occurrences are tracked early to avoid damage to pumps, pipework and associated systems.

The solution

ABB industrial drive features an in-built pump protection function that avoids mechanical damage, increasing times between maintenance intervals and improving operating efficiencies. The following choices can be selected:

- Inlet protection to avoid dry run caused by too low inlet pressure
- Outlet protection to avoid high pressure
- Stall protection to avoid running locked pump
- Dry run/cavitation. The drive monitors the pressure feedback at the inlet and outlet of the pump

How it works

The user selects which features are relevant to the pump type via simple parameters that are selected through the drive's keypad. Most features do not require any feedback into the drive with set-up simply requiring data that is readily available from the pump curves. Such data includes:

- Too low flow
- Too high flow
- Stalled pump
- Cavitation

ser defined load curve can be used to detect failures in the process or hardware. If the motor load is too light (e.g broken axis) or too high (e.g closed valve) there can be mechanical, motor or process problems. The user can configure as a warning or a fault. Power and torque limits allow the user to prevent pump run-out if pipes break.

Key benefits of ABB's pump protection function

- Reduced failures and increased maintenance intervals
- High plant reliability
- Reduces leakage due to a lower pressure set point
- Simple setup using just a few data points

How do I get the pump protection function?

The pump protection function is a feature of the ABB industrial drive modules for water and wastewater applications. The drive's pump specific features ensure accurate control of water flow throughout the processing cycle, from raw water, through utilization, to wastewater treatment.

The modules include pre-programmed pump control functions. These functions are easy to select and implement using pre-configured macros for single and multi-pump applications. In addition, an easy-to-use programming utility is provided, enabling users to further customise their drives.

ABB industrial drive modules are the ideal choice for water and wastewater applications. Specially designed to meet the demanding needs of squared torque pump control, these highly advanced drives maximise uptime and minimise energy costs in pumping systems.

The modules are designed for cabinet assembly and are easily mounted side-by-side. Intelligent start-up assistant ensures that drive commissioning is straightforward and the functions needed for most pumping systems can be easily implemented with the pre-programmed macros. Starting up a pumping system and optimising its performance is extremely easy. ABB industrial drive modules include everything needed for reliable and efficient pump control in water and wastewater applications.

Further information

Other intelligent pump functions available include:

-Soft pipe filling
-Remote monitoring
-Level control
-Pump cleaning
-Multi-pump control
-Flow calculation
-Sleep and boost

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