How to reduce energy cost with ABB multi-pump control

Multi-pump control is for applications where several parallel pumps are operated together and the required flow rate is highly variable. The function is the most energy efficient way to operate parallel pumps.

How to reduce energy cost with ABB multi-pump control

The challenge
In certain pump applications, additional head or flow rate capacity is needed to overcome larger volume flows than one pump can handle alone. Increasing the size of the pump to overcome this is one option, however doing so can be expensive – a more economical solution is required. 

The solution
Pump control using drives is mainly implemented through control of the flow rate. It is a cost-effective and flexible solution for pumping application where flow is highly variable. By aligning pumps in parallel, additional flow rate capacity can be achieved without the need for a large pump. This is because motors are only required to pump part of the load.

How it works
ABB’s multi-pump control allows you to expand the operating range of a pumping system. In this system, two or more pumps are connected in parallel and each pump is controlled by a drive. The system uses a master drive, connected to the others through fibre-optic cables to control the flow across the whole application. The feature allows users to increases the number of pumps, meaning that flow rate can be increased across the application.

Sensors detect when more flow is required within the network and pump speed is increased accordingly. At the same time when flow is not needed across all pumps, flow across the other pumps can be stopped helping to reduce energy costs significantly. Additionally, in parallel pumping configurations, the motors required are smaller than in traditional systems. This is because motors are only required to pump part of the load, so the saving potential is enhanced.

With parallel pump installations, redundancy is much higher. If one of the pumps is lost in the system, other pumps can take its place and continue operation. ABB industrial drives have built in sensors that can detect when a pump fails and increase the flow within the other pump/s meaning that the system continues to operate.

Key benefits of ABB's sleep and boost function
- Increased flow rate within the pumping application
- Increased redundancy built into the system 
- Reduced Downtime
- Smaller motors needed, helping to reduce energy consumption
- Prevents blocking of the rotation of the water pump

How do I get the multi-pump control function?
Multi-pump control is a feature of the ABB industrial drive modules for water and wastewater applications. The drives’ pump specific features ensure accurate control of water flow throughout the processing cycle – from raw water, through utilisation, to wastewater treatment.

The modules include pre-programmed pump control functions. These functions are easy to select and implement using pre-configured macros for single and multi-pump applications. In addition, an easy-to-use programming utility is provided, enabling users to further customise their drives.

ABB industrial drive modules are the ideal choice for water and wastewater applications. Specially designed to meet the demanding needs of squared torque pump control, these highly advanced drives maximise uptime and minimise energy costs in pumping systems.

The modules are designed for cabinet assembly and are easily mounted side-by-side. Intelligent start-up assistant ensures that drive commissioning is straightforward and the functions needed for most pumping systems can be easily implemented with the pre-programmed macros. Starting up a pumping system and optimising its performance is extremely easy. ABB industrial drive modules include everything needed for reliable and efficient pump control in water and wastewater applications.

Further information
Other intelligent pump functions available include:

- Soft pipe filling
- Remote monitoring
- Level control 
- Pump cleaning
- Multi-pump control
- Flow calculation
- Pump specific protection

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