Modular Systems

Out-of-the-box modular solutions for easy, affordable and scalable carbon capture.

Modular Systems

Installing a carbon capture solution on-site can be an expensive and disruptive process. Many facilities don’t want to deal with the cost, workload, and disruption of a construction project on that scale. But we're changing that with our latest carbon capture technologies. 

It will enable industrial facilities of all sizes to decarbonise more cost efficiently than ever before. Instead of a lengthy design and engineering process, modularisation provides a fast, scalable, productised out-of-the-box solution that can be adapted to any site. Modular systems are prefabricated off-site by the manufacturer, containerised, and then delivered to the site ready to install.

Easier installation of modular units minimises site disruption and execution time, allowing your facility to continue its regular processes. Modular equipment is also much smaller than a traditional open-plant system, allowing your site to save space, get permits faster, and scale your carbon capture system over time.

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