Engagement Week: edie kicks off week of sustainability communications and disclosure content

Today (22 January) kicks off edie’s Engagement Week, with daily articles, interviews, opinions, reports and events to be published and held – all dedicated to the theme of sustainability communications and combatting greenwash.

Engagement Week: edie kicks off week of sustainability communications and disclosure content

Brought to you by the award-winning edie content team, Engagement Week 2024 (22 – 26 January) is our themed week of editorial content and events dedicated to supporting sustainability, energy and CSR professionals in getting to grips with the everchanging sustainability reporting landscape and drive stakeholder engagement through captivating communications.

The way sustainability and net-zero progress is reported and communicated has radically changed. Developments across reporting regulation and standardisation is making for an increasingly complex landscape. Meanwhile, investors, customers and society are applying increasing pressure on businesses to present sustainability data in coherent, engaging formats which avoid greenwashing.

Clearly, a new type of climate conversation is needed and businesses must step up efforts to collect quality, comparable and transparent data in 2024, following a COP28 that put a line in the sand for fossil fuel dominance, which also acts as the starting line for corporate efforts to ramp up action.

Now in its fourth year, edie’s Engagement Week initiative aims to spark new engagement ideas and reporting actions among sustainability, ESG and communications professionals. From new behavioural change approaches in the hybrid-working era, through to innovative data collection and reporting practices which inform and inspire key stakeholders – the Week has it covered. We will be offering up a plethora of digital content throughout the week – led by a downloadable practical handbook and dedicated online event.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come during the week.

Sustainability Reporting and Communications Sessions

Experts from the likes of OVO Energy, innocent Drinks and the UN Environment Programme will speak at edie’s afternoon of online webinars on Thursday 25 January, all focused on improving corporate approaches to green reporting, disclosure, communications and engagement.

edie’s ENGAGE 2024 online event effectively combines three webinars into a single afternoon, with each session taking a particular format. The first will take the form of an audience-led Q&A; the second will be a series of quick-fire case studies; and the third will take a ‘masterclass’ format.

Click here to register for the ENGAGE sessions.

Reporting and Communications Handbook

The Sustainability Reporting and Communications Handbook has been updated and revamped to account for the rise in greenwashing. The updated document offers readers advice on how to translate, explain and embed complex sustainability jargon across different areas of the business and to a range of stakeholders, combat greenwash and offers a summary of all the key disclosure frameworks that will be relevant to corporates trying to articulate sustainability over the coming year.

This free handbook is an ideal document for sustainability and CSR professionals seeking to utilise more innovative approaches to engagement to keep sustainability high on the minds of staff during this challenging backdrop.

Sustainability Uncovered podcast

As sustainability becomes ever more mainstream, the scrutiny placed on businesses from consumers, NGOs, investors and employees is growing. This podcast, speaks to businesses that have successfully and transparency set up new dialect with crucial stakeholders to drive sustainability, while dissecting jargon and explaining how sustainability professionals can better articulate their climate and CSR plans.

Check out all of edie’s podcast episodes and audio features here.

Blogs and features

edie has reached out to the likes of Superdry and Interface to create daily content exploring the key themes and drivers behind current engagement practices. Each day an exclusive blog, interview or feature will be published, with topics ranging from engaging with financial teams to updates on impending disclosure frameworks.

Stay up to date with all Engagement Week content here.

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