Meet edie’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2023: Annie Dove, Sky

This new series profiles the members of edie's 30 Under 30 - a nomination-based community of 30 hugely talented young sustainability and energy professionals who have already achieved great things or are showing fantastic promise. Up first, Annie Dove, Sky's senior manager for impact reporting & engagement.

Meet edie’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2023: Annie Dove, Sky

Annie has always been passionate about writing and communicating, and chose a career that enabled her to upskill on environmental sustainability as well

More than just a list, edie’s annual 30 Under 30 initiative shines a spotlight on talented sustainability and net-zero professionals – aged under 30 – who are delivering on efforts to build a better future and showing fantastic promise for their future potential.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the initiative has returned for 2023-4, with the new class having been announced last September.

In this weekly series, we will be sharing their stories and successes beyond the group, giving edie readers insight into the minds of those who will be leading the charge in creating the low-carbon, resource-efficient economies of the future.

Our first profile interview is with Annie Dove, senior manager for impact reporting & engagement at broadcasting giant Sky.

How I got to where I am now:

“At school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. So, I focused on pursuing subjects and subsequently jobs that I was passionate about. I’ve grabbed opportunities as they’ve arisen and looked for new challenges to keep soaking up knowledge along the way.

“I followed my love of reading and writing to university, studying English Literature at the University of York. Between my second and third year, I interned in the internal communications team at at DS Smith and was delighted to be able to join the team full-time post-university.

“After about a year, I moved from internal communications into the role of community affairs manager. This opportunity gave me my first real exposure to the world of sustainability. Whilst I focused more on social sustainability and delivering the community strategy for the business, the nature of being a cardboard packaging company with recycling depots and paper mills led me to focus on the circular economy and engaging on environmental policy.

“For the next stage of my career, I wanted to learn more about lots of different businesses, so I joined the responsible business team at the integrated communications and strategy agency Lexington. During my time at Lexington, I completed the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) course on Business Sustainability Management to grow my confidence and solidify everything I had learnt on the job with a more academic foundation.

In December 2022, I was ready to move back in-house and saw an opportunity to join the Sky team – a business well-known for doing great things on sustainability. In my role now, I am tasked with delivering communications and engagement for social and environmental impact.”

My biggest career achievement to date has been:

None of my career achievements have been mine alone. I’ve been lucky to work with and for some incredibly talented and supportive individuals who have taught me so much. The very essence of sustainability is collaboration and a need for us all to work together, to share and to challenge each other to think differently.

“Starting in a new role in a new organisation in December and publishing a sustainability report the following June is probably up there, though.”

The biggest challenge I have encountered has been:

Not feeling deflated when progress feels slow or small.

“Obvious, ‘shoutable’ progress in sustainability can take time. The process often isn’t linear and there’s always more to be done. We’re also constantly learning about new and better ways to do things whilst the urgency to make a positive impact increases. Sometimes it can feel like two steps forwards and five steps back, but the failures along the way will lead to the ultimate success.”

If I had to describe my generation in a word or phrase, I would say:


A successful 2024 for me looks like:

Like every business, Sky is facing into a constantly changing world. In the sustainability space in particular there is more regulation, evolving science, increasing urgency, and growing interest in our credentials.

“Whilst this is all very welcome, it’s a lot to juggle. I’m hoping that I can help get the balance right in our communications and engagement strategy so that we continue to be honest, clear, and ambitious, whilst also inspiring more people to play their part in a more sustainable world.”

Outside of my career, I enjoy:

“Exercise, the outdoors and cooking for friends and family keep me feeling like myself.

“I’m a keen runner and exercise class attendee.

“I also always set myself a reading challenge for the year as books help me to switch off, think about and learn new things.“

My  ‘Mission Possible’ message for business leaders is:

“You have to look beyond the one-to-three-year business plan and keep investing in long-term solutions, even if it feels like profits will take a hit in the short term. P

“Please don’t make decisions for your leadership tenure, make decisions for the business you would want to hand over to the next generation and the next.”

My key piece of advice for any young professionals entering my profession today is:

“Water your own patch of green. This is a tip a colleague shared with me recently, and it really resonated, even if I find it hard to take my own advice.

“There’s so much to do and it can feel so overwhelming, but the work you do will be worth it, even if it doesn’t feel like it or the change you see seems insignificant at the time. Try not to get overwhelmed by the whole and focus on the sum of the parts, particularly what is in your sphere of influence.”

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