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The report highlights a lack of urgency in tackling global e-waste volumes, which are expected to surpass 65 million metric tonnes this year

Greenpeace: Tech giants neglecting environmental responsibility

Some of the world's biggest tech firms are failing to show ambition in their efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of their supply chains, according to Greenpeace, which claims the current model cannot be maintained.

The green bond will finance renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects and initiatives at Apple facilities, although a specific focus will be given to the company’s supply chain

Apple targets supply chain efficiency through $1bn green bond

Apple has launched a dedicated funding stream to finance clean energy and environmental projects, through a $1bn green bond.

Apple doesn’t necessarily need to recover as much tin, compared to aluminium, due to an existing market of recycled content

Apple vows to 'pioneer' closed-loop mining supply chain

Tech giant Apple has pledged to "go deeper" in developing new products that promote the circular economy by using only renewable resources or recycled materials that negate the need to mine materials.

Improved transparency has seen Apply identify and solve 196 environmental issues since 2012, including 23 last year

Apple triples supplier sites enrolled in energy efficiency programme

Apple has tripled the number of supplier sites listed in its energy efficiency programme aimed at reducing onsite emissions, and has also introduced a "first-of-its-kind" risk assessment tool covering supply chain risks related to material sourcing, environmental impact and health and safety.

Tesla has provided hundreds of Powerpacks to the Hawaiian island of Kauai, while Apple has encouraged a supplier to invest in a floating solar project

Tesla and Apple facilitate innovative solar projects

Apple and Tesla, two companies in the vanguard of the renewables revolution, have unveiled their links to new solar projects aimed at bringing clean energy that maximises land use in areas of Japan and the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

The AEE agreed with the decision that battery storage can support the grid and that the technology should be viable to receive income from grid transmissions

Tech giants rally behind US energy storage market

A US-based coalition featuring companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Tesla as members has applauded the efforts of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to open-up US wholesale electricity markets to energy storage and demand response initiatives.

The energy footprint of the IT sector is estimated to consume around 7% of the global electricity

Apple named world's greenest tech firm in latest Greenpeace report

Apple has been named the world's greenest major tech company for the third consecutive year in a new report released today (10 January) by Greenpeace.

An aerial view of Central Park in New York City, which is hosting a week-long series of climate events co-ordinated by The Climate Group

Businesses match governments with bold climate pledges during Climate Week NYC

The level of climate ambition shown from businesses during Climate Week 2016 in New York City (NYC) is continuing to mount, with eight more companies making 100% renewable energy pledges and four firms committing to double the energy productivity of their operations.

For the third year in a row, the launch of Climate Week NYC was marked by the Empire State Building turning green on the evening of 19 September

Climate Week 2016: Apple and Bank of America lead corporate charge towards net-zero economy

Climate Week New York City (NYC) 2016 has kicked off in style with America's largest tech firm and second-largest bank headlining a flurry of ambitious corporate commitments to a renewable energy-based future.

Apple has removed the universal 3.5mm headphone jack from its new smartphones, with AirPod earphones and a Lightning-to-analogue adapter included with the iPhone 7

Greening the Apple: How sustainable is the new iPhone 7?

It features a longer battery life, is more energy-efficient, and a waterproof design will prevent damaged products going straight to landfill. But the ditching of the headphone jack could itself open up an e-waste black hole. So just how sustainable is Apple's new iPhone 7?

Globally every year up to $600bn (£450bn) of government tax revenue is lost through tax avoidance alone

Tax haven money could power half the world with renewable energy

Campaign group Friends of the Earth has issued a "wake-up call" for the G20 leaders with a new report revealing that the money hidden in tax havens could be enough to power half of the world using 100% renewable sources by 2030.

The real heroes of the resource revolution are the people and businesses that are ready to address the real challenges and make real shifts

Coming of age: The heroes and villains of the circular economy

The circular economy is growing up; moving beyond simple radical resource efficiency, towards an authentic triple-bottom-line. As with any transition, not everything is great. Business model innovation is the battleground for success - and while there are heroes, there are also villains holding back the real transformation that is needed.

Musk stated that the company is working on “a solar roof

Elon Musk's SolarCity to begin selling roof made of solar panels

In the same month that Apple has been granted permission to sell energy generated by its solar farm in California, renowned cleantech innovator Elon Musk has revealed that his solar power company SolarCity plans to begin selling a fully-integrated "solar roof" that is entirely composed of PV panels.

Because Apple is still making inroads into the country’s energy market it has little sway in regards to market prices and could therefore sell directly to end-users at retail value

Apple quietly forms new energy company to sell excess renewable electricity

In a bid to stabilise its ongoing commitment to sourcing renewable energy, tech giant Apple has quietly formed its own energy subsidiary which could see the company sell excess electricity to end-users across the US.

Apple was the only company to receive an A+ grade from analyst InfluenceMap

Apple ranked as highest scoring corporation for climate influence

Tech giant Apple's continuous drive to champion renewable energy has seen it top a list of more than 150 companies - including rivals Microsoft and Google - to receive the first 'A+ grade' from a sustainability analysis group.

Christiana Figueres’ optimistic predictions about the Paris Agreement follows a series of positive announcements on climate change made by national governments and big businesses

Christiana Figueres expects Paris Agreement to take effect in 2018

The UN's soon-to-depart climate chief has said that the Paris climate change pact agreed last December could come into force two years earlier than the originally planned date of 2020.

The Tech Amici – collectively worth more than $1.7trn – have lobbied to support the plan, after implementing an array of low-carbon initiatives themselves

Google and Apple among tech giants backing Clean Power Plan

The four largest tech giants Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have collectively warned that any attempts to block a low-carbon transition in the US would prove 'costly' to both the global economy and human wellbeing.

Apple's Foxconn facility had previously been criticised over poor working conditions

Apple turns to supply chains ethics as emissions tumble

Tech giant Apple has revealed that it cut carbon emissions by almost 14,000 tonnes in 2015, as the firm continued its drive to improve supply chain sustainability and ethics, its latest supplier responsibility report has revealed.

Apple's new recycling robot, algae bottles, and tomato power are the big innovation in this week's round-up

Liam the robot and Disney World powered by tomatoes: the best green innovations of the week

After a week that saw the Energy and Climate Change Committee's (ECCC) embark on a new exploration into innovation in the energy sector, edie rounds up the latest low-carbon technologies and innovations that could accelerate the global green industrial revolution.

Apple’s original pledge to run entirely on renewable sources was set two years ago and since then it has ensured that all of its data centres run entirely on renewable sources

Apple now powered by 93% renewable energy

With all eyes glued to the unveiling of Apple's new 'iPhone SE', the tech giant took to the stage in California this week to confirm that 93% of its global facilities are now running on renewable energy, before unveiling its eye-catching answer to the problem of e-waste.

The report highlights how company CEOs such as Unilever’s Paul Polman and Apple's Tim Cook have driven the attitude change from within the private sector

Unilever and National Grid labelled 'true leaders' in post-Paris policy push

Unilever and National Grid are among the select few companies to be heralded as 'true leaders' for their support of the policies set in place in Paris last month, according to corporate analysts InfluenceMap.

Tesla said the feature will also eliminate the burden of having to squeeze in and out of tight parking spots

VIDEO: Tesla cars could be driving themselves in just two years

Pioneering electric car manufacturer Tesla has unveiled a new software upgrade that could soon see Tesla cars driving around automatically to meet their owners.

Google's North Carolina data centre will receive renewable energy from Duke Energy's Green Source Rider programme

Google pilots new renewables programme

Google has announced that it will be the first customer of Duke Energy's renewable programme, in a move that will see Google's North Carolina data centre receive clean energy from a local 61 MW solar project.

Sunseap will supply clean energy for Apple under a long-term contract beginning January 2016

Apple's Singapore operations to be 100% solar-powered

The world's largest technology company has announced that its entire Singapore operations, including a 2,500-person corporate campus and a forthcoming retail store, will be 100% powered by solar panels.

Initiatives that receive funding will be eligible to test prototypes in the Galway Bay Ocean Energy Test Site

Apple invests in Ireland's ocean energy industry

Continuing its investment in renewable energy, technology giant Apple has agreed a new £1m R&D fund to support a wave energy project off the coast of Ireland.

The project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 11,600 tonne

Bloomberg to save $2m with solar-powered data centre

US financial services firm Bloomberg has announced a deal to power 5% of its main New York data centre through a 2.9MW solar plant.

Around 87% of Apple's global operations are now powered by renewable energy

Apple targets 2.2GW of new clean energy capacity in China

Apple has announced plans to clean up its manufacturing supply chain in China by building new renewable energy capacity and improving efficiency measures.

The White House announced on Monday that 68 new companies had signed up to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge

81 global companies join Obama in climate pledge

Nike, McDonalds, Sony and Dell are among 81 corporations that have signed up to a new White House-sponsored pledge promising individual and collective action on climate change.

Millions of shade balls are released into an LA reservoir to combat water loss

Sustainability stats: This week in numbers

This week edie reported plenty of tech news from Silicon Valley, UK food waste figures and developments from our very own foreign correspondent in Indonesia.

The Nebia claims to be 70% more water efficient than regular showers

Water-saving shower crowdfunds almost $1m in less than 2 days

A new shower that is 70% more water-efficient than regular models is nearing $1m of funding in its Kickstarter campaign less than 48 hours after launch.

Facebook has set itself a long term goal of sourcing 100% renewable energy

Green giant: 5 ways Facebook is embracing digital sustainability

The tech giants of Silicon Valley were slow out of the gate with sustainability, frequently coming under fire at the start of the decade for their energy and water-hungry ways.

The announcement from the White House represents $140bn in planned low-carbon investment

American firms pledge $140bn to support Obama's climate action

Apple, Coca-Cola and Walmart are among 13 American multinationals that have put forward $140bn of new low-carbon investment in an announcement at the White House today (27 July).

Amazon's planned  North Carolina wind farm is its largest renewable energy project

Amazon commits to 208MW wind farm in largest renewables venture yet

Amazon is to construct a 208MW wind farm which will become the first utility-scale wind farm in the US state of North Carolina.

Facebook'a planned Fort Worth data centre will be 100% powered by renewables

Facebook sets 50% renewables target by 2018

The world's largest social network has announced a new target to source half of its energy from renewable sources by 2018.

Commercial rooftop solar only accounts for 5% of UK capacity, the STA wants this to change

STA develops new checklist to help businesses get started with rooftop solar

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has released a new checklist to give businesses the confidence to install rooftop solar.

Anthesis analysed the usage of 4,000 US servers, and by extrapolating the findings, estimated there are approximately 10 million comatose servers worldwide

10 million 'comatose' IT servers wasting electricity

Almost one third of the servers in power-hungry data centres are 'comatose', i.e. still using electricity but not delivering any useful IT service.

Greenpeace analysed the transparency, efficiency and renewable energy commitments of 17 tech giants, including Google, Facebook Amazon, IBM and Yahoo

Amazon locks horns with Greenpeace over energy commitment

Greenpeace and Amazon have become embroiled in a public spat after the charity claimed the online retailer's renewable energy commitments "lacked basic transparency".

An Apple store in Beijing - one of 18 retail outlets in China

Apple beefs up green commitments in China

Tech giant Apple has announced a new partnership with WWF to reduce the impact of its packaging needs on forests in China.

Around 61% of respondents considered green packaging in their shopping choices with 57% saying it is important to them

Survey: Online shoppers want greener packaging

Nearly two thirds of online shoppers now consider 'green packaging' when deciding where to shop according to a new poll.

The IT giant is striving to supply 100% of the virgin fibres used in its paper and packaging from sustainably managed forests or controlled wood sources

A greener Apple: IT giant announces two new projects

Global IT giant Apple has announced it is greening its operations further by building more renewable energy capacity and offsetting its paper supply chain's impact.

A single data-centre can consume up to 20,000 litres of water an hour

California drought: Water use in Silicon Valley 'insane'

California Governor Jerry Brown ordered business and residents to cut water use by 25% last week, but tech-giants in Silicon Valley need to do even more, according to one expert.

IT giant Google's latest renewable energy investment will be providing almost half of a new $750m fund by SolarCity Corp to finance 25,000 residential solar projects

Google announces $300m investment in rooftop solar

Google's latest renewable energy investment will be providing almost half of a new $750m fund by SolarCity Corp to finance 25,000 residential solar projects, marking the technology giant's largest renewable energy investment to date.

The two data centres, each measuring 166,000 square metres, will begin operations in 2017

Apple's new European data centres to be 100% powered by renewables

Apple today announced a $1.7bn plan to build two giant data centres in Europe, both powered by 100% renewable energy.

Just keeping a smartphone in use for an additional year cuts its CO2 impact by 31%, the Green Alliance found

Green Alliance: Tech giants must embrace circular business models

An increased focus on recycling and repairing consumer electronics could cut the carbon footprint of each device by up to half, according to a new report from the Green Alliance.

The solar farm will power Apple's new ring-shaped headquarters in Cupertino, California

Apple announces $850m giant solar farm

"The time for change is now," proclaimed Apple CEO Tim Cook as he announced the tech giant is committing $848m to clean energy in the form of a 280MW solar farm in California.

The Rocky Mountain Institute has launched the Business Renewables Centre (BRC) Institute in response to growing demand for renewables

Collaborative corporate project launched to support 'watershed decade' for renewables

Wind and Solar capacity in the United States could double by 2025 as demand increases from corporations seeking to fulfil commitments to shift to renewables.

Apple had promised to improve working conditions in its suppliers' factories

Apple suppliers accused of poor treatment of workers

Apple has again come under fire for the treatment of workers in Chinese factories which make its products, following a new investigation by BBC Panorama.

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