Now available on demand: edie’s online circular economy action sessions

Only 7.2% of the 100 billion tonnes of virgin natural materials used each year make it back into the economy after their first use, according to the 2023 Circularity Gap report.

There remain huge environmental, social and financial opportunities when it comes to transitioning away from ‘take-make-waste’ linear models towards a circular economy based on regenerative principles. 

Indeed, edie’s recent Business Leadership Survey revealed that 55% of UK businesses see improving resource efficiency and waste management as either a high priority, or business-critical priority, for the coming 12 months. So, with an increasing number of businesses putting the circular economy at the forefront of their sustainability agenda, what will it take to accelerate the transition? 

We hosted an afternoon of free-to-attend online events on Thursday 25 May to explore the answers to this question – and the sessions are now available on-demand.


This online event effectively combines three edie webinars into a single afternoon, with each webinar session taking a particular focus and format.  Our partners for this event are Reconomy, BSI, Beyondly and JRP Solutions.

See below for the agenda. Click here for further information and to watch on demand.

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The Net-Zero Waste Q&A: Learning from the Leaders (12:30 – 13:30)  

Kicking off our Action Sessions, a selection of circular economy leaders and corporate sustainability practitioners will share their drivers and opportunities when it comes to accelerating the circular economy transition for their business and across the wider value chain.

Discussion points 

  • Waste and net-zero: How transitioning to a circular economy can support your decarbonisation goals 
  • National and local policy: Need-to-know updates, key frameworks and policy gaps  
  • Tools, technologies and financial instruments to accelerate the circular economy transition 

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Closing the Loop: Business Case Studies to Make the Circular Economy Happen (13:45 – 14:45) 

Our second Action Session offers up a series of never-before-seen, quick-fire case studies, hearing from some of the individuals and organisations that are redesigning systems, embracing closed-loop principals, and engaging with key stakeholders to eliminate waste.   

Discussion points

  • How to rethink your business model to increase resource efficiency 
  • 5 years on from “Blue Planet 2 effect”: How to re-engage consumers and employees on your circular economy journey 
  • Practical methods to cut waste at every stage of your supply chain 

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45-Minute Masterclass: Turning the Tide on Single-Use Plastics (14:45-15:30) 

Our third and final Action Session will equip you with specific tools, innovative approaches and practical insights to move beyond packaging commitments to meaningful action. 

Discussion points

  • How to overcome political and organisational obstacles to achieve your packaging commitments 
  • Compostable, recyclable, re-usable: embracing packaging innovations and exploring practical pathways 
  • Bringing suppliers and customers on your plastic reduction journey: Breaking down barriers to ensure open and action focused collaboration. 


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