Satellite refuse collector provides compaction

Muni-Serv Ltd, which provides service and support for all types of municipal equipment, has recently become the UK distributor of the Ros Roca range of products.

At the recent CIWM Torbay exhibition, the company showed the ROCAR R-108 mini-compactor collector from Ros Roca. Suitable for the collection and semi-compaction of solid refuse, it is supplied with a lifter suitable for Euro containers of 240. 330, 660, 1,000 and 1,100 litres (DIN 30700)

As it has been designed to operate in very narrow locations, the unit’s maximum body width is less narrow than that of the chassis. The maximum volume of the compactor is 5m3, depending on the chassis wheelbase. The compactor is designed to be unloaded into any kind of larger refuse collector by tipping the body. The vehicles is fitted with a set of stabilising jacks at the rear to ensure stability during the emptying process.

The compaction comb has been designed to give an even distribution of the load inside the container.

The compaction body is a truncated pyramid shape, built in steel plate of 2.5mm thickness, with lateral and bottom reinforcements of cold rolled tubular profile steel.

In order to facilitate the total emptying of the body and prevent any refuse remaining inside, the loading edge has a slope of over 45°.

The body is mounted on steel false chassis, consisting of two structural profile side rails supported directly on the chassis and reinforced by triangular plates. The side rails are reinforced by a crossbeam of the same structural profile and by a rear crossbeam where the landing leg stabilising jacks are mounted. The purpose of the false chassis is to distribute evenly the loads transmitted to the vehicle chassis. It is fixed to the chassis using anchoring supports.

The tipping is achieved using underfloor gear, comprising two telescopic hydraulic cylinders, fed by hydraulic pump and operated through the vehicle’s engine.

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