Accuracy is key when installing new pipe in virgin ground, there is no room for error,” said Warrior’s managing director Tony O’Brien. “Any mistakes could cause disruption to the surface, or damage to other services completely contradicting the environmental benefits of utilising trenchless technology. With Directional

Thrust Boring these issues are eliminated, as the name suggests the method guarantees full directional control.” O’Brien, believes we have become stuck in our ways and too content with traditional methods of thrust boring.

Full Directional Control

Warrior Worldwide has been providing trenchless solutions for over 30 years,

its WR4 and WR6 directional thrust boring machines are the only models in their category that have full directional control.

Warrior equipment uses detection technology located in the head of the rod to accurately establish its location underground to within millimetres at any one time. The head is designed to enable the rod to be directed up or down and

left or right, providing unmatched control and accuracy. The rod can be

directed around obstacles such as tree roots, pipes, ducting and services until it

emerges into the receiving pit.

How it works

“Both the WR4 & WR6 work from compact starting pits and thrust a series of

connecting rods into the ground,” explains O’Brien. “Once the rods are in place the pipe or cable to be installed is attached to an expanding head in a receiving it, the pipe or cable is then pulled into position and the rods are removed in the launch pit.” The WR4 needs a launch pit of 1,000mm wide by 1,500mm to operate and is easily manoeuvred into place. Lateral connections can be easily undertaken from open trenches.

“The WR4 boasts an impressive pushing rate of up to 2.7m per minute yet only weighs 168 kg so it can easily be operated by two people,” said O’Brien. “The WR4 is capable of installing a 100mm (4″) diameter pipe and the WR6 up to 225mm (9″), in the most compressible of soils.”

The WR6 also only requires a launch pit approx 1,500mm and long and 1,100mm wide and has a pushing rate of 2.1m per minute.

Directional Thrust Boring is a major development within the industry; it builds on the values and benefits brought to the industry through no dig technology. Its time to let go of the mole and take full control.

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