Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production (MSc, PgCer, PgDip)

Course Location Cranfield, Bedfordshire
Cost £8,500
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Course provider Cranfield University
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From   20/10/2018   Until   20/10/2019

We are proud to be the first university to offer the MSc in Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production. It covers all methods to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of hydrocarbons from the well to the collection facilities. It is a multi-disciplinary activity involving a number of engineering disciplines including mechanical, chemical, process, control, instrumentation and software engineering.

Oil and gas are produced in hostile environments. As conventional oil reserves decline, companies are developing unconventional oil fields with complex fluid properties. These factors mean that flow assurance plays an increasingly important role in the oil and gas industry.

The MSc in Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production is made up of seven compulsory taught modules, one optional module, a group project and an individual research project.

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