Plastic waste: edie report explores 10 gamechangers tackling the issue

With Britain's plastics revolution continuing to gather pace, edie has today (27 June) published a new insight report which investigates some of the game-changing developments and sustainable solutions to the global plastics problem.

The ’10 industry gamechangers’ report, produced in partnership with waste management specialist Helistrat, outlines the key developments that are empowering businesses to eliminate all avoidable plastics waste.


The 15-page report, which is available to download for free, combines expert analysis with real-life case studies, industry viewpoints and key facts and stats – offering an end-to-end overview of how businesses can scale-up solutions to tackle a major circular economy conundrum for companies across the world. 

Specifically, the report explores 10 of the most important areas of focus for sustainability and resource efficiency professionals to tackle the plastics problem once and for all – from key legislative updates and global frameworks, to new innovations and collaborative initiatives.

The 10 game-changers explored within the plastics report are: 

1) A more enabling policy environment

2) Increased consumer pressure

3) The Sustainable Development Goals

4) Cross-industry collaboration

5) Circular supply chains

6) Oceans plastics recovery

7) Packaging innovation

8) Blockchain

9) Deposit-return schemes

10) Behaviour change

The reportalso  includes a round-up of a recent interactive edie webinar which saw speakers from Interface, P&G, Surfdome and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation discuss some of the key issues around plastic packaging sustainability.

And it contains the findings of an exclusive workshop which took place at edie Live 2018 – sponsored by Helistrat and facilitated by expert speakers from Co-op and Ecover – in which participants identifed their top five solutions to the global plastics issue.

The report concludes with an expert viewpoint written by Helistrat’s head of sustainability Nathan Gray. In the viewpoint, Gray explains how prevention is better than cure when it comes to tackling the plastics problem. 

“For the UK to truly move away from a linear model, we need to collaboratively change what is
acceptable within business operations; from simple day to day decisions through to wider supply chain networks,” Gray states.

“If more consideration is given and wider guidance becomes available, a more cohesive approach could be taken to positively impact the journey these materials take.”

The ’10 industry game-changers report is available for all registered edie users to download for free, here.

edie staff 

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