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There may not be a silver bullet to tackle water use, but that hasn’t stopped a collaborative push to tackle the issue

#WorldWaterDay: Green groups and businesses unite in fresh awareness drive

With today (22 march) marking the UN's World Water Day, edie has rounded up all of the latest company announcements and industry statistics that together highlight how critical the issue of water scarcity has become.

Business priority weighs more on reducing carbon emissions than water consumption

Will water scarcity ever challenge carbon emissions as a business priority?

When it comes to exposure and coverage, carbon emissions reign supreme. But is it time water security became the central environmental issue? Leigh Stringer investigates

The World Energy Council and World Water Council will work together to build an integrated programme around the water-energy nexus

Global councils join forces to tackle growing water-energy nexus issue

The World Energy Council (WEC) and World Water Council (WWC) have joined forces to address the growing issue of the water-energy nexus.

The UN says roughly 75% of all industrial water withdrawals are used for energy production

UN leaders put water and energy demand top of global development agenda

United Nations (UN) leaders have highlighted the risks associated with the growing relationship between water and energy in the run up to World Water Day (Saturday 22 March).

Nestle is cutting water use at its operations in the EU as water scarcity is affecting one in ten people living in the region

Nestlé commits to 40% water reduction across EU operations

Nestlé has committed to reducing water consumption by 40% across its European production sites by 2020, compared to 2010 levels.

Ban Ki-Moon

UN calls for greater collaborative effort to achieve global water security

The United Nations (UN) has called for stronger scientific alliances to understand and protect natural resources, warning that unless greater efforts are made to reverse current trends the world will run out of freshwater.

Distilling water efficiency into Diageo's operations

World Water Day not only highlights the global water challenge but for Guinness and Smirnoff producer Diageo, it raises awareness throughout the company's supply chain and operations, says Michael Alexander

World pays homage to water as experts warn of looming scarcity crisis

As the competitive tension between business and nations grow, and the population continues to rise, the perception of water as an unlimited resource will become out of date, say experts at the University of Leicester.

World Water Day prompts call to action from business

Two organisations have marked World Water Day by joining forces to create an industry working group aimed at helping businesses integrate the challenges of carbon and water management.

Achieving sustainability through financial rigour

Committing to a sustainability programme requires ambition, a clear understanding of how targets will be achieved and, above all, backing from management, employees and partners. But how integral is it to apply financial disciplines to a business's sustainability plan? Leigh Stringer finds out

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Branson backs calls for hospitality sector to bottle own water

A new social enterprise has today urged the hospitality and tourism industry to adopt a sustainable business model that collectively addresses the global issue of access to clean water.

Coca-Cola $3.5m drive to advance clean water access

Coca-Cola has pledged to commit $3.5m to help accelerate the development of sustainable water access in drought-hit parts of Africa.

VIDEO: Coca-Cola on track to hit 20% water use efficiency target

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has unveiled how progress to improve water management and reduce water consumption is underway in its latest report.

Merck commits to improve water quality in India

Healthcare company Merck has joined forces with the Safe Water Network (SWN) in a bid to increase access to clean water and reduce the impact of waterborne diseases in Andhra Pradesh, India.

IWMI named as 2012 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has scooped the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for its pioneering work to improve agricultural water management.

Food and drink brands take action on water scarcity

Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg's and Unilever are just some of the companies throwing their weight behind a UK-wide campaign to raise awareness of water scarcity.

Freshwater challenges set to tax food producers

British farmers will struggle to meet rising food demands unless smarter tactics are employed to conserve freshwater supplies on arable land.

Coils and bundles of cloth in a production chamber in China's Well Dyeing Factory

Clothing giants slammed for use of 'hazardous' chemicals

Major clothing brands have been named and shamed in a new report which reveals that hazardous chemical residues in textiles are being released into public waterways.

Will the Water Decade achieve its goals?

The launch of the United Nations' International Decade for Action, "Water for Life" (2005-2015) on World Water Day, 22 March 2005, will be the second international decade on water-related issues under the auspices of the UN. The first was the decade on Drinking Water Supply & Sanitation (1981-1990).

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