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Is your business energy resilient?


As more business are beginning to feel the true impact of not having a dedicated Energy Resilience strategy, this dedicated edie webinar explores the practical steps businesses can take to ensure energy resilience.

How to solve the plastics problem: Learning from the resource revolutionaries


Plastics represent a major circular economy conundrum for business across the world. As the Ellen MacArthur Foundation notes, “plastics are one of the most wasteful examples of our existing linear, take-make-dispose economy.”

edie Sustainability Leaders Forum

Business Design Centre, London
The flagship event for sustainability professionals moving beyond environmental objectives to deliver transformational change and create brand value.

Sustainability Leaders Awards

London Hilton, Park Lane
These prestigious awards celebrate real sustainability excellence and innovation, from the largest multi-national businesses to the smallest micro-org

edie Smarter Sustainability Reporting Conference

Cavendish Conference Centre, London
The leading event for sustainability professionals driving transparent & engaging reporting to reduce risk & increase long-term profitability.

edie Energy Management Forum 2018

Untitled Document

We have reached the climate turning point: economies are growing while global CO2 emissions are beginning to flatline, thanks to a gradual transformation of energy systems and an expon...

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International Conference on Nano Medicine and Nanoparticles

las vegas, USA
International Conference on Nano Medicine and Nanoparticles, (Nano Medicine 2018) scheduled to be held during April 18-19, 2018 Las Vegas, USA

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